Dream prey.

“Dream Prey”(Traumbeute) is a long-term project by the Fraktalwerk project space. It explores the entanglements between realities. The work on this project has been running for many years with changing participants in different constellations.

The dream of the prancing dog

Two men in expensive grey business suits move purposefully through the spacious basement of a building. Although the large, pillared space is completely empty …

The hotel a dream

We are very happy! The Missing Link has invited us from Fraktalwerk Projektraum to be part of the Culture Weekend from 30 June to 2 June 2023 at the Kulturhotel Bergün/Switzerland.


TraumZeit/ZeitRaum – a performance by Marlen Wagner as part of the lecture performance “The Berlin […]


To my surprise I had a dream recently and I want to share it with […]

Dream essays

Transformations of the images, noise and sound filtering as well, dream essays, rebus configurations, one […]

Delta trace

Dream preys of the moment: Because when the delta trace appears in a dream, it […]

Conversion machine

Some wish machines that have breathed their last, sooner or later disintegrate into their individual […]