Scripture of the Angels


TraumZeit/ZeitRaum – a performance by Marlen Wagner as part of the lecture performance “The Berlin […]

Delta trace

Dream preys of the moment: Because when the delta trace appears in a dream, it […]

Event horizon

Dreams take place on a threshold between the conscious and the unconscious, which can be […]

Read and be read

Dream hunters know: Dreaming means reading and being read, taking and giving, leading and being […]


Sometimes the answer to a cabeceo is a question: And if we were free to […]

Dream bird egg

Dream predators follow the tracks in dreams very carefully. They know: The closer you look […]


Tracking and tracing the traits of a dream message may ask you the question what […]


„Suavale” is the name for the body region below the neck between the shoulder blades. […]