The dream of the prancing dog

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Dear dream station,

This dream from 28 March 2024 is a very unusual one for me as a dreamer – not only am I surprised by its brevity, but I am also completely missing in it. I don’t seem to appear in it either as an actor (disguised as myself or in another person) or as an observer on the periphery of the scene. This is new – and very strange. I am very curious about your interpretation!

Two men in expensive grey business suits movepurposefully through the vast basement of a building. Although the large room, structured by pillars, is completely empty, they move silently over the concrete floor. The heels of their black, highly polished leather shoes hit to the ground with every step they take – but not a single sound can be heard. There is no daylight anywhere, but bright light floods the room. The ceiling, which is disproportionately low compared to the size of the room, has no visible luminaries. Grey and white are the only “colours”, analogous to men’s clothing.
Suddenly, a sound breaks through the silence, actually two sounds: a humming and a rattle. The two men change direction and follow the sounds. They leave the large room, turn into a small corridor, round a corner – and stopp on the threshold of a narrow room that is not fully visible. From the “deep” of this room, a dog prances towards them, upright on its hind legs, humming softly to itself and with a pair of scissors in its paws. The dog resembles Snoopy from Charlie Brown comics and pays no attention to the two men. It now moves diagonally towards the men, its long ears flapping rhythmically in the no-blowing wind. Behind it, the room bends to the right at a 75-degree angle. The backrest of the barber’s chair is still visible in the angle, but not the customer.

This is where the dream ends. I wake up, sit on the edge of the bed in amazement, drink a glass of water with a smile – and sleep peacefully through the rest of the night.