Dream station: The dream of the prancing dog

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Interpretation of the dream

Dear dreamer,

Yes, this is once again a wonderful dream with obviously a few nooks and crannies, hidden niches and hiding places and yet so expansive and present that we are not surprised that it has gripped you. We certainly did, so thank you very much for that.

And yes, we have two situations, two parts of the dream. In the first part, two men play a role – do they really? – and they make no sound at all, although they march dashingly through the large room. It is as if they have been bought off. It is not unlike the imposing room: it is very bright, but has no windows and no source of light, it is bright, but it is not this brightness itself, it has it from other graces that cannot be seen, cannot be recognised, just as it is actually too low, cut down in height. This truncation is therefore twofold: in the two rakish men and in the equally rakish room. No matter how striking their appearance, they themselves give nothing to hear or see. You could say that you feel the same way. You also have the impression that there is nothing to hear or see of you in the dream, that you don’t appear at all.

Then comes the second part, which begins with a “suddenly” and two noises. With a humming and a rattling. And the men go straight there, you don’t know whether it’s obedient, whether they’re perhaps following “His Master’s Voice” – but it looks like it. And then the humming turns out to be that of the dog, reminiscent of Snoopy from Charlie Brown, while the rattling seems to refer to the scissors that Snoopy is holding in his paws. So he seems to be the tailor, as can be seen from the barber’s chair, the backrest of which can still be seen at the very end, but not the customer. So obviously – you could say – the two men have already been customers on this seat, Snoopy has bought their hair – and the room seems to have been a customer there too. But if the two men, of whom you hear nothing in the dream, remind you of what you as the dreamer wrote about this dream, how you see and feel yourself in this dream, then one must assume that you were also a customer in the hairdresser’s chair, which seems to be further indicated by the remark that when you wake up you sit on the edge of the bed and drink a glass of water with a grin. So from the hairdresser’s seat you move to the edge of the bed and continue there.

It is smiling, which means you are having fun as a dreamer, mischievous fun, just like Snoopy. Which suggests that you are not just sitting there, not just getting your hair cut, but also your visible presence in the dream, but that you are also the mischievous Snoopy who is doing the cutting and – if you like – directing the dream. He seems to be the master of the scenery, dominating the large room with the pillars from the smaller and hidden rooms. He makes noises that the two gentlemen follow, so that it looks more as if they are the little dogs sitting in front of “His Master’s Voice”.

And so one could perhaps go on to say that although it could appear that you as the dreamer do not appear in the dream at all, that you are not part of the scenery, at the same time it is different: you are the director after all, whose work is of course – as can be seen from the dream – much more effective because you do not seem to appear as an actor, as a director. You seem to be pulling the strings, you have them in your hands, as the smirk on the edge of the bed after waking up might indicate.

The Missing Link