To my surprise I had a dream recently and I want to share it with you.
Since I arrived in Argentina I have had many dreams. I don’t remember them well when I wake up but, I wrote one of them down as I found it quite interesting.
I was in the back of a big auditorium, with 20/30 hand luggage and other smaller ones around me. And those suitcases were my nightmares.
As I remember, a lot of kids in fancy clothes come up and start stealing them from around me and I wasn’t doing anything about it.
Then, when I go to get them, I see my mother, more people around and lots of stairs. Finally, I find “my nightmares” in a van and we all start carrying them to the back of the changing room, 2 suitcases each.
Then I woke up and I was thinking. When we talked about dreams I would say “I never dream” or “when I dream it’s always nightmares”. Well, that was the first thought that popped into my mind.