Event horizon

Dreams take place on a threshold between the conscious and the unconscious, which can be compared to the zone of the event horizon of a black hole. Physicists speak of the Schwarzschild radius to denote the border to the area that must necessarily remain in the dark – at least for static black holes. Psychoanalysis metaphorically calls this area of the dream its “navel”.
This is also where the ekmentation apparatus reaches its limits. It does not provide any pictures of this zone. The information scattered on the surface of the event horizon is the leftovers of everything that has been dragged into the black hole. They are comparable to the pixels or bits of an image – or the qubits before the wave function collapsed and decoherence. However, traces of black noise can sometimes be seen in the recordings of the ekmentation apparatus, which dream predators regard as similar to the effects that are evident when observing Hawking radiation.